Sheena Allen has an app company with over 2 million downloads. She is a single founder, and she started with no knowledge of how to code. Sheena just had a problem, and wanted to solve it. Sounds familiar right? Most founders start off with a story like that, but the odds were always against her.

Sheena comes from a small town in Mississippi. There was no tech scene, no meetups, no nothing. She basically used Google, and began her journey from there.

In this brief interview we talk about: How she got started, what it was like being a founder with no experience, what it’s like to be a black female in the tech industry, and more.

As an extra off the air we spoke more about how app developers can better position themselves to get more downloads. Her advice was to make sure you use descriptions in your title that hit on specific keywords for your audience. She advised that you shouldn’t use keywords that are common, or you will risk getting lost in the shuffle very quickly.

Another gem she had was to make sure your first screenshot is an eye catcher.

Want to hit Sheena up and get more advice? Ping her on Twitter @whoisSheena. She is waiting for you!