Shout out to NV of New Ground Entertainment and our very own Jesal for the footage

Bosses don’t wait for permission! On Oct 3rd we sat down with Alexis Ohanian to talk to us about Dominating The Web without Permission over at Projective Space. Shout outs to them for hosting us and super shout out to Black Enterprise for covering our event. Our friend Herman Yiu CPA hooked us up with pizza while Drink Neuro kept everyone hydrated.

Alexis personifies the entrepreneur we all want or strive to be. He built and was later able to sell it for millions of dollars while being a college student. He did this with very little technical skills or business skills. All he did was give himself the permission to change the game.

He has gone on to be part of other game changing startups like hipmunk, breadpig, and my favorite while also doing his part to fight for internet users’ rights while investing and advising in startups. Alexis also represents the Y Combinator family so he brings lessons and skills from some of the most successful entrepreneurs out there.

We kicked in true The Phat Startup fashion and went right to the Hip Hop side of things to set the tone of the discussion. Alexis told us why he admires Jay Z and why he even tried to buy the Nets from him. Alexis was Brooklyn born and wanted to add value to anything happening in his own hood.

Alexis tells us how he would start all over and made sure to tell us that he would be all over the Phat Startup for it. Besides telling us how Hip Hop inspired him to #bossup, Alexis went into great detail as to why he thinks NYC is the best place now to start a business. No shots to the West Coast, but NYC does pride itself in being a melting pot which is perfect for business.

We covered how the rules have changed in the business world and how we can best leverage the net to create things people want and need. We dug into social networks and if they are truly dead. We talked about what it would take to create the next reddit or game changing social network.

When asked how could people get to him for funding. Alexis dropped a huge gem. He told us “Ask people for advice, not for money.” Alexis didnt give us an hour of his time, he gave us 2 full hours, answered questions, signed books, and even invited all 75 people to an after party. That’s how we do things and are grateful that Alexis was so giving to our community.

Check out the video and learn from one of the best above.

Reach out to Alexis on twitter: @AlexisOhanian