Who needs luck when you have skills and are always prepared to show off those skills?That’s what luck is all about. Luck equals preparation plus opportunity, just ask anyone you deem has made it.

Recently I had a great conversation with Antonio Neves about creating your own luck, didn’t peep it? Here is the link for it and have your note pad ready, Antonio went in.

In the video, Antonio spoke about a project he ran with his partner Bassam Tarazi called the Ignition Lab.

The truth is that starting a business or working on a side project is hard work. All an entrepreneur thinks about is the hustle, while working out of coffee shops, coworking spots, parks or even the dreadful home office. We are usually on our own and since everyone else is hustling, who will bring out the best in you? Not only in your business but in you?

Well for 5 days, The Ignition Lab will put you in an all inclusive ocean front mansion in Nicaragua. Not those fake homes rapper’s rap about but a real deal mansion. Balling for real! Here the focus is you and how to make you and your business better. Where your wants and needs come first.

This is your chance to get away from the normal life and connect with 5 other game changers that will serve as your own board of directors. Here you will be able to interact and participate in various activites with your peers that will challenge the way you operate. You will be pushed to the limit to take your hustle to the next level. You can go from something that you are trying to do, to something that actually works. The Ignition Lab is a place to enact change in your business, while pushing the limits of your comfort zone.

However; it doesn’t last forever. Applications are only open from now till August 18th. Apply here!

So if you are ready to take your business and yourself to the next level while getting away from all things normal to focus… then you better hurry up and apply. Only 6 people will have this opportunity to floss and focus. Don t miss out and #bossUP

For another independent review of the Ignition Lab, check out this article by Entrepreneur Magazine.