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And if you don’t know now you know Gary Vaynerchuk, who is a a true OG in the social media game and is a genius at building brands and businesses, has hooked the digital world up! He recently started a new initiative while building out Vayner Media, where he is doing an interview a day for the rest of the year called #1ADayQandA. By the way was he channeling his inner Jigga man with that hashtag? Info can be found here.

We had to put our hustle hard mentality on and harassed Gary for an interview. Shout out to both Gary and Christa for hooking us up with this great opportunity  I have been a huge fan of Gary since he released his book “Crush it” in 2009. It was a book I read numerous times as I climbed the corporate ladder. It made me think about what I ultimately wanted to do with my life, and I have used it numerous times as a reference during my entrepreneurial journey. Along with his various talks like the Inc 500 which I highly suggest everyone watches below.

As usual Gary kept it a hundred and was unfiltered during our conversation which we recorded with uberconfernce. In his honor we left the audio unedited and know that our 15 minutes with him will encourage years of learning for all of us.

A few of the gems that he dropped are below:

When asked what did he learn from Jigga man:

I have a lot of respect for the way he story told, the way that he has been able to be an entrepreneur, the way he has been able to monetize without selling out, which is hyper sensitive in the hip hop community. I have a lot of respect for him for being able to pull it off!

On monetizing your content:

Don’t monetize so that you cant monetize going forward. Meaning don’t go for the short dollar when you got a $100 bill at the end of 2 weeks

On building an audience from scratch:

You think Trinidad James  didn’t have 50 fans two minutes ago. The problem is that people are fucking lazy, they don’t have patience, they want it now, you got to put in work! Want to win, put in work.

On competition:

Biggest reason I love business is because of competition. I feed off of the fact that there are people bigger than me, more known than me, and more successful then me, and I want nothing more than to beat them down!

On mentions and views:

People always think that just because you get mentions or views you win, it’s not about how many you get its the context in which they get it.

On hustle:

Put in the work to give yourself a chance, because there is 500 people out there that could have been in the league but didn’t put in the work.

On winning:

You may not win, because guess what, you might not be good enough, but if your doing it around something you love you are winning!

As for his 24hr round table Gary picked Vince McMahon of WWE fame and KRS-One. Check out the audio above to find out why!