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In this installment of The Phat Startup show, we got to chop it up with Benny Wong. Benny is the co-founder and CTO of TimeHop, which sends you a daily email telling you what you were doing a year ago today!

Benny dove in deep into his experience being part of Tech Stars. He fills us in the 16-20 hour work days that were the norm during the program. He gets into how TimeHop was created during a foursquare hackathon that he used as a way to cool off and let the creativity flow. He talks to us about how hackathons can serve as a way to cool off, work on a product with like minded folks, and best of all meet potential partners.

Benny fills us in on how to find a technical co-founder like himself by working on projects at hackathons. He drops gems on how to build trust by building products that can show people what you offer even if you do not code. He also drops gems on meeting and speaking with investors. How to always learn from them as you build out your product. This discussion is full of valuable insights and we hope it encourages you to attend or create your own hackathons.

Remember hackathons are great for coders and non-coders alike! Now go crush it!

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Check out his company over at TimeHop