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In this installment of The Phat Startup Show we were lucky to catch up with AJ Leon co-founder of Misfit Inc which donates 20% of their time for social justice projects and serves as a super Creative Agency. He is currently on a voyage around the world in 1080 days, and is chronicling his journey on the Pursuit of Everything site. Not to mention he released a must read manifesto.  For this episode we wanted to focus on the pursuit of happiness or as he puts it “The Pursuit of Everything,” AJ has been on this pursuit and he walks us through it in ways that would inspire anyone.

AJ lived what he considered a scripted life that made him feel like his “life was not his own,” and decided to change that feeling. He tells us about his career change and really dives into some of the lessons he has learned through out his travels. From raising $2 million dollars for his first Big Dig project in Malawi by using social media, to creating many more change making projects, AJ shares how to deal with fear and the unknown. He also shares some of his tricks of the trade. Sit back, relax and learn. You will not think the same after this.


Bet you didn’t know, for some one who travels so much, AJ actually had a fear of flying. Now that’s how you face fear!

AJ can be found over on twitter or on The Pursuit of Everything Blog!